50Hz Strobe Light. BASCOM-AVR Project

50 Hz BASCOM-AVR stroboscope light for turntable speed check.

This project will show you how to create a simple and reliable stroboscope light for your turntable using simple Bascom code and the Attiny-25 MCU by Atmel. Here is the datasheet: – LINK

In order to complete the task we need to generate a 50Hz PWM signal using the built-in timer – Timer 0. An external crystal is used to provide the reference clock – 6.5536MHz

Timer-0 prescale is set to 256 which divides the system clock by 256 when the timer is connected. The calculations go as follows:


25.6kHz/256=100Hz  – for 8bit timer

100Hz/2=50Hz – PWM value is set to 128 (50%)

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Multisim Blue. New Free PCB Design Software

As it seems NI’s new Multisim Blue is coming.

Multisim Blue

It promises some very nice features for a FREE software. Cant wait to try this one out!!! Tons of components and extensive libraries. The on-line library update looks interesting as well. I only hope that the simulation tool is as good as is the one from the non-free packages.


More info on the upcoming software – HERE



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LM317 Constant Current Calculator, Tool

Here is a handy LM317 constant current calculator/tool. It allows you to quickly calculate the set resistor and the heatsink (is needed).

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Here is my circuit adopting the famous LME49811 amplifier front-end and ThermalTrakTM

transistors. This one is a rather conventional topology but implementing some tricks to improve the performance. Read More »

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Simple JFET Preamp

A JFET preamp for beginners. Simple yet elegant. Low noise.

The following is an example for a very simple and high quality JFET preamp. You can use this to amplify a very low signal sources. FET transistors are usually not used independently in preamplifiers. In most of the cases they are paired with bipolar transistors. Read More »

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Soft start, Speaker Protection by Audio Workshop

Soft start. Speaker Protection. Speaker Delay

Soft start. Speaker Protection. Speaker Delay

We have completed this module this week. It is a custom build by order of a customer. The module has many specific functions. It can be used for speaker protection, speaker delay, toroid soft start and others. Read More »

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