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Original and Reproduced Audio

Define Original and Reproduced musical and audio contents

reproduced_soundIn general we listen to musical performances in two basic ways. The first one involves an actual attending to real live music events (a concert, an opera, ballet music festival etc.). In this case the musical content we perceive is called ORIGINAL musical (audio) content (OAC), unlike the REPRODUCED musical (audio) content (RAC), which we perceive by using electronic and electro-acoustic devices. For the purpose of this article I will use the terms original audio content and reproduced audio content.

The reproduced musical contents are generally divided by two groups depending on the time we listen to them.


The first type is the so called synchronous audio contents. Those we get when we listen to any LIVE broadcasting over the TV, radio and live internet streams. This type of musical content is characterized by the fact that it occurs simultaneously with its original prototype but at a different place.

Record Dyanmic Range Database

Here is a large database helping in finding good recordings with low compression and high dynamic range. For those familiar with “the loudness war” this would be a nice place to visit!

It’s interesting to know that “loud” recordings are never good recordings. They might sound very good to the listener at the beginning. Listening to such a recording for a longer time reveals its defects. Quiet passages sound as loud as the loudest ones. That makes the recording sound “flat” once we adjust the volume down to more listenable level. The impact of the kick-drum is gone or the large orchestra has no fortissimo any longer.

A good and more technical explanation could be found in this video:

So be sure to check out this large database of recordings here – >>> LINK <<<

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