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Low-noise Power Supply

Here is a quick article describing a low-noise power supply for low current applications. It’s simple, and easy to build. All parts are widely available and cheap. I’m using this power supply to power-up my RIAA preamplifier. It’s more that capable of delivering excellent results. Build one and try it for yourself.

First of all lets see the basic functional diagram of the regulator.

Positive voltage regulator:

Error Amplifier Low-Noise

LM317 Constant Current Calculator, Tool

Here is a handy LM317 constant current calculator/tool. It allows you to quickly calculate the set resistor and the heatsink (is needed).LM317_constant_current

Soft start, Speaker Protection by Audio Workshop

Soft start. Speaker Protection. Speaker Delay

Soft start. Speaker Protection. Speaker Delay

We have completed this module this week. It is a custom build by order of a customer. The module has many specific functions. It can be used for speaker protection, speaker delay, toroid soft start and others.

Ultra-Low Noise Voltage Regulator by Zetex

A simple discrete regulator circuit using Zetex voltage references and transistors can realize performance levels that are beyond IC regulators, whilst being of reasonable cost and with very little board space overhead.
Although Integrated Circuit (IC) regulators dominate the marketplace through their combination of simplicity and low cost, there are situations where lower noise and better regulation are requirements for the highest level of circuit performance. In applications where performance is critical and efficiency and cost may be of a lower priority, such as data conversion in audio and video, instrumentation and low noise power for clock circuits, this discrete circuit can be immensely useful.

Precision voltage regulation for ultra-low noise applications ->>> LINK <<<

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