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PCM1704, AD1862 DAC, NOS, DIY schematic

Non oversampling DACs are by many people (includung me) regarded as better sounding than
conventional oversampling systems. The easiest way to enjoy that kind of sound is to build a DAC with the “outdated” TDA1543/TDA1541 DAC ICs or modify an old Philips/Marantz CD player.

But why not building a nonos DAC with higher quality converters like PCM1704, PCM1702 or AD1862? Well, you need to convert serial DATA to parallel DATA which requires some glue logic. Further glue logic is needed to align 16bit DATA with the 20bit or 24bit inputs of these DAC ICs.
While there are many well documented TDA based nonos projects available on the www, almost nothing can be found about building a nonos DAC with more recent Burr Brown / Analog Device ICs. That’s why I’ll try to give some advice and share some of my experience in building such a DAC. If there wouldn’t be this glue logic issue, I guess more DIYer would build nonos DACs with Burr Brown chips.

Creating a DIY non oversampling DAC with PCM1704 >>>[ LINK ]<<<


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  1. Manos Ioannou

    I want your help
    …I want to take an I2S output from my old Teac P-700..
    Cold you help me please ????

  2. Darin

    Broken Link to article

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