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6SN7 Preamp With DN2540N5 or IXCP10M45S

Here is an article to show how I designed my 6SN7 preamp with CCS based on DN2540N5 or IXCP10M45S D-MOS transistors. The article is an addition to my design which showed a 6SN7 tube in parallel connection. Here I will continue to develop the schematic. I will introduce a popular solution for a reliable constant current source.

6SN7 preamp. DN2540N5 or IXCP10M45S. PCB 3D rendering.

6SN7 Preamp With Parallel Sections + CCS

Here is my design of a 6SN7 (6N8S) based preamp with parallel sections of the tubes. I plan to use just two tubes, one for each channel. As we all know 6SN7 is a double triode and for my design I will tie the two sections in parallel. The main design parameters fall into three points – low-distortion, low-gain and low output impedance without using a output buffer/cathode follower. In order to achieve some of these goals I will be using an active load – constant current source(CCS).

Setting the bias point

First of all lets begin with the obvious – setting the tubes into the desired operation point. Lets consider a fairly typical power supply voltage of around 300V and a 30kohm plate resistor which results in a plate current of 10mA. From these three values it’s easy to draw the load line, so here’s what it looks like:

6SN7 Load line and biasing
6SN7 Load line and biasing

ECC88 Preamplifier / buffer

This is a quick entry to demonstrate a simple topology used in this ECC88 preamplifier. I’m using 7V heater variant – PCC88. It seems like the term “preamp” is not quite suitable here because the stage is actually a buffer and there is no amplification whatsoever. The schematic is shown below:


Tube Manual by Western Electric – part 3

This is the third part of the manual.

Western Electric Tube Manual. Part 2 – >>>[ LINK ]<<<

Tube Manual by Western Electric – part 2

The second part of the Western Electric tube catalog.

>>>[ LINK ]<<<

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