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Discrete I/V For Current Output DAC’s. AES Publication.

Here is an article by AES, describing a very interesting solution for the I/V stage. This one is fully discrete and includes LPF and emphasis equalization. For current output DAC’s like TDA1541A and PCM63 etc.

Abstract- A family of current-steering transimpedance amplifier circuits is presented for use in high-resolution, digital-to-analogue converters.  The problems of achieving accurate current to-voltage conversion are discussed with a specific emphasis on digital audio applications.  Comparisons are made with conventional virtual-earth feedback amplifiers and the inherent distortion mechanisms relating to dynamic open-loop gain are discussed. Motivation for this work follows the introduction of DVD-audio carrying linear PCM with a resolution of 24 bit at a sampling rate of 192 kHz.

1 Introduction
This paper investigates the design and performance requirements of the transimpedance amplifier used in association with a current-output, digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) [1].  The principal motivation for this work stems from the extreme resolution requirements determined by the advanced audio specification available in digital versatile disc (DVD) applications [2]. Following a theoretical discussion, two principal circuit topologies are presented, the first based upon wide-band, current steering circuit techniques enhanced by input-stage error correction [3], while the second incorporates dual operational amplifiers with nested differential feedback and an embedded low-pass filter.

Current-steering transimpedance amplifiers for high-resolution digital-to-analogue converters – >>>[LINK]<<<


LME49810 + uPC1237 Audio Amplifier


Universal I2S interface. Line + cable


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    the link to the doc is dead, would you be so kind to reupload ? thank you !

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