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Thorens Power Supply Upgrade TD-150, TD-160

pcbThis is a very neat and nice PCB upgrade for Thorens turntables. It’s possible to use it with almost every other turntable that includes 16 to 24 pole synchronous motor.

The idea was to have a small PCB which includes both protection and power-off function. The PCB itself is a one-sided board with black solder mask on both top and bottom layers. I’ve decided to include optional drills for other capacitor sizes. This will make it possible to “adjust” the board for other Thorens models of even other turntable makes like Linn or Ariston.

The schematics is quite simple. Nothing special here. Just a phase capacitor and a voltage drop resistor. I’ve decided to include a quick-blow fuse just for safety. Speaking of safety – all caps are X2 class which guarantees safety. No place for “audio-grade” or “special-sound” capacitors here!


This is an example photo to show one possible location for the board. I’ve used a simple epoxy glue to fix the metal standoffs to the wooden plinth.


Thorens Power Supply Board

I’ve decided to make these boards available for sale on my eBay page. You can visit the listing here ->>> eBay Store


LM317 Constant Current Calculator, Tool


ECC88 Preamplifier / buffer


  1. Casper Pedersen

    Would it also be possible to build in a speed regulator, some if not most TD160’s run slightly (upto 1%) to fast.

  2. Arnold

    Is this upgrade also doeing something for the motor run? So (in)derect improves sound quality?

  3. Peter Hammingh

    Is this available in Holland ?

    • Arie van Kralingen

      I can’t find the Thorens Power Supply Upgrade TD-150, TD-160 on ebay

  4. BJ

    Hi there, still available?

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