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Tubes: 12B4 Single Stage Preamplifier.

The 12B4 tube has a lot of followers. They can swear that this is the most transparent sounding preamplifier ever. I will hold my thoughts about this claim. However it’s a simple, minimalistic and offers the shortest signal path possible.
Due to it’s internal construction and typical characteristics the 12B4 offers almost no PSRR. This calls for a regulated power supply. The tube loving path is of course a tube voltage regulation. A modern approach is to combine the voltage stabilization with a solid state constant current source. Here is a general idea of how this might look like:



uPC1237 Amplifier/Speaker Protection Module


LME49810 HIGH-POWER By Bis. High-End

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  1. aria

    0D3 does not stabilize at 150 volts?

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